Connect Python SDK


Connect Python SDK allows an easy and fast integration with Connect fulfillment API. Thanks to it you can automate the fulfillment of orders generated by your products.

In order to use this library, please ensure that you have read first the documentation available on Connect knowledge base article located here, this one will provide you a great information on the REST API that this library implements.

This library may be consumed in your project in order to automate the fulfillment of requests, this class once imported into your project will allow you to:

  • Communicate with Connect using your API credentials.
  • List all requests, and even filter them:
    • For a specific product.
    • For a specific status.
    • For a specific asset.
    • Etc.
  • Process each request and obtain full details of the request.
  • Modify the activation parameters of each request in order to:
    • Inquiry for changes
    • Store information into the fulfillment request
  • Change the status of the requests from its initial pending state to either inquiring, failed or approved.
  • Generate and upload usage files to report usage for active contracts and listings.
  • Process usage file status changes.
  • Work with Notes for requests.
  • Generate logs.
  • Collect debug logs in case of failure.

Your code may use any scheduler to execute, from a simple cron to a cloud scheduler like the ones available in Azure, Google, Amazon or other cloud platforms.


In order to use the SDK with your product, you must install the connect-sdk package from PyPI (Python Package Index). You can do so using pip:

$ pip install connect-sdk


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